Planning Commission Fourth and Final Meeting Feb. 3rd


We want to catch everyone up on what’s happening with the Crystal Spring (Village at Providence Point/VPP) hearings.
Last week the Planning Commission held hearing #3. VPP was pushed to last on the agenda. At 10:20, they finally opened public comment.

After more than 6.5 hours of total testimony by the applicants and their allies during 3 hearings, members of the public were one again given only 3 minutes to testify. With all of the last minute schedule changes, Crab Creek Conservancy decided to reserve our detailed testimony for the next hearing.

The Commissioners have added a fourth and final hearing, now scheduled for this Thursday, Feb 3rd, from 7-10 PM. They indicated that they may vote on this proposal as soon as this Thursday. No word yet whether there will be a separate public comment period on the application before a vote is held.

To say this is concerning is an understatement. The Commissioners have mostly asked easy softball questions, and there are numerous impacts that have not even come up in discussions, such as
#climatechange, landscaping chemicals, Forest fragmentation, invasive species, and many others.

It seems the Commissioners are all but ready to issue a permit. Nonetheless, we will persist through the process as long as it takes to stop this. We will be testifying at the 4th hearing and submitting written testimony. We encourage all of our supporters to do so as well.

Here’s how:

Go to:

Use the following information to fill out the form:

  • Date of Meeting: 2/3/2022
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Topic: Village at Providence Point
  • Project Number: PD2019-001
  • To testify live: check “I want to deliver live testimony”

The hearing process has been tipped heavily in favor of the developers, who were given 6 hours of testimony so far while members of the public are limited to only 3 minutes. Until now, very few members of the public have been participating. The forest is very likely to be destroyed if you don’t act now. Make your voice heard! Tell the Commissioners that this development is wrong for Annapolis. Crystal Spring Forest is the largest, most in-tact forest remaining inside the city of Annapolis. It supports abundant wildlife and protects our water quality and climate. We cannot succeed without your support. Help us save this amazing place!