Climate Change

The Existential Threat of our Time

"I have learned you are never too small to make a difference."
- Greta Thunberg

Climate change seems like an insurmountable challenge. Yet there are many things that we can do at the local watershed scale to mitigate climate change (i.e., lessen the severity of it) and adapt to it. As a watershed organization, Crab Creek Conservancy aims to maintain a climate resilient shoreline in our inlet of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Our watershed is also home to extensive forest, which is the second largest carbon reservoir on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula. Crab Creek Conservancy works to protect all remaining forest in the watershed. 

Sea level rise is a major threat to Chesapeake Bay shoreline communities.

With increased frequency and severity of storms, our watershed must be resilient to the impacts.

Our watershed’s forests are critical carbon reservoirs and provide resilience against flooding, heat, and drought. 

Sustainable landscaping increases biodiversity and soil carbon and creates a more resilient coastal ecosystem.

How we are

Making a Difference

"The Future is Now" - Watch the "High Tide in Dorchester" Trailer

High Tide in Dorchester highlights how all Chesapeake Bay shoreline communities are threatened by rising seas. The future is now.