Planning Commission Meeting

Last night, board members of Crab Creek Conservancy prepared to testify in front of the Planning Commission at the first public hearing on the Village at Providence Point project, the mega development that would wipe out nearly half of the Priority Forest at Crystal Spring.

The meeting was conducted almost like a closed door session, with the majority of time given to the developers Alan Hyatt and Larry Bradshaw. This was more or less as expected, especially for the first hearing. However, we were very disappointed to see strong favoritism toward one member of the public, a retired politician who has been working with the developers for the past several years. This individual was given 45 minutes to speak and answer questions, allegedly as a member of the public. We were told in writing that members of the public would receive 3 minutes each to testify. Even more odd was the fact that one of the developers, Alan Hyatt, requested that this individual be given the time. The rest of the public in attendance, which numbered about 25-30, was never even recognized or addressed. No one else was given time to testify, and this was done without apology or acknowledgment.

Even more disturbing was the apparent admission that at least two Commission members have been involved with this project for quite some time, but in different roles. How the Commission is expected to be fair and biased in their decision is puzzling to say the least, especially considering some of the congratulatory and positive, obviously prejudicial, statements that were made. You can see for yourself by watching the entire session below.

Crab Creek Conservancy, founders of the campaign to Save Crystal Spring Forest (formerly the Friends of Crystal Spring Forest), continues to work diligently to fight this project, as it has been our long-standing position that this site is too outstanding in its natural values and therefore inappropriate for development. We will continue to develop and hone additional testimony, which we hope to deliver at the Jan 6th and Jan 20th public hearings. We encourage all of our followers to attend these hearings and submit comments of their own at And we thank everyone who has already shown support by submitting comments and attending the hearing last night.

For anyone who cares about open space, biodiversity, wildlife, clean air, and clean water on the Annapolis Neck Peninsula, this is the battle of our generation.

Thank you,
Members of the Board
Crab Creek Conservancy