Our Fight Continues

The effort to save Crystal Spring Forest has come to the next crossroad. After winning our first legal battle in Circuit Court, we are now facing our next legal battle. Developers have filed their next round of appeals and we are once again stepping up to help save Crystal Spring Forest.

In the coming weeks, we will be back in court with our legal team hoping to once again keep the forest undeveloped.

Why work so hard to save this forest? The reasons are many, but we firmly believe that benefits of the natural environment outweigh the need for the proposed development. A 111 acre, fully mature forest, can’t be replaced or replanted—not in an immediate manner. This has important implications on the health of all of our family and friends that live, work, and play in Annapolis. That means the storage of carbon, the biodiversity of our natural environment, water conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases. will be negated.

The developers filed for permits to begin developing the land with Planning and Zoning. Planning and Zoning, after a terrible and shameful public hearing approved all of the permits. We appealed the decision at circuit court for Anne Arundel county for judicial review of the facts and the law.

The judge denied all of the permits and sent it back to Planning and Zoning, saying that they did not follow the law.

Within six months, the developers filed for another permit with Planning and Zoning. This time Planning and Zoning did not even allow a public hearing and approved it. Once again, we have appealed this approval to the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County.

We are fighting Goliaths—the city of Annapolis, and the mega developers and the rich lawyers.

Our legal team is working to ensure that none of the trees are cut down, even though the developers have asked to start cutting down trees while the decision is on appeal.

We believe we will prevail once again.

Now is the time to make a stand—to make the statement that, as a community, the people of Annapolis believe Crystal Spring Forest should be saved.

We kindly ask that you help support our conservation effort. We have a number of fundraising goals, and events planned to help offset the legal costs.

Your support is critical to help save the last forest in Annapolis.